To meet people where they are and lead them to where God wants them to be.



To see 1000 people, from South City and beyond, experience the love and grace of Jesus here at Gracepoint Church




We Act with Audacious Faith

We will always set God-sized goals and act boldly in faith to accomplish what only God can accomplish in our community and our world.


And Intentional Generosity

We will leverage our time, talent, and treasure to make a deep and lasting impact wherever God leads us.


Making Excellence a Priority

We will focus on a few things and do them with excellence.


To Reach the Next Person

We are urgent in our call to reach the next person and we will sacrifice our preferences and our comfort to do it.


For the King and His Kingdom

We live to serve God and to expand His Kingdom, not ours. No denomination or organization or even our church is more important than expanding His Kingdom.