Why do you meet on Saturday instead of Sunday?

There are two very specific reasons that Gracepoint meets on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning, one is missional and one is pastoral.

Missional Reason: we want to make our gatherings as convenient as possible for people, especially those that don't have a church background or have not been to church in years. Statistics show that Saturday afternoons between 4pm and 6pm is the time when most people do not have anything scheduled. It's late enough in the day that all the Saturday morning activities (soccer, ballet, swimming, etc.) are over and early enough that you still have your entire evening free.

Pastoral Reason: we want you to have your Sunday back. In the fast paced Bay Area culture, Sunday is the day we get ready for the week ahead. We do laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping, etc. Families also have one day where they have no other obligations and can truly have a family day. (Plus, there's football season.)

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